Why Levite Media? What’s In The Name?

In the Old Testament of the Bible, the Levites were the 13th tribe of Israel. When God led the people of Israel out of Egypt, and into the promised land, He told Moses to take a census of the other twelve tribes (Numbers 1:2) and prepare them to battle, but the Levites were not included in that census, but instead were chosen to take care of the the tabernacle of testimony. (Numbers 1:49-50) Later on, the twelve tribes are told to go out in the land that they inherited from the Lord, and earn their wages, but the Levites have no inheritance. (Numbers 18:20) God wanted them to understand that He is under total control and He will be their provision!

I believe that God called me into ministry work, and Levite Media is just one of my outlets of ministry. I make myself more affordable, and still reasonable in cost, and will deliver the quality people want. I don't make much money from these projects, but I trust that God will continue to provide for me just as the Levites trusted in God.